4 Reasons Why Low Temp Batteries are Crucial for Top Shelf Live Resin Carts

4 Reasons Why Low Temp Batteries are Crucial for Top Shelf Live Resin Carts

Experienced dabbers know that temperature is everything. But not everyone who vapes THC realizes that temperature is just as important in vape cartridges.

Here are 4 reasons you should get a low temperature vape battery if you are vaping top shelf, 100% live resin vape cartridges:

Reason 1: Not using a low temp battery can waste money.

High temperatures burn terpenes. Terpenes are what distinguishes top-shelf vape cartridges from poor quality budget carts. So if you are spending extra to get the best quality cartridge – you really need to get a low voltage battery that suits the oil in your cartridge.

Reason 2: It tastes better.

High Temps = burned terpenes = bad taste. Get a better tasting hit every time when you use a low temperature vape battery.

Reason 3: It hits like flower, but more powerful and less harsh.

If you think about what a typical Indica effect is, it’s sleepy and relaxing, whereas a typical sativa effect is more uplifted and energized. The best weed cartridges (100% Live Resin Cartridges) can give you these effects, but only if you vape them at the right temperature. (Temperatures below 3 volts.)

Reason 4: It’s less likely to leach metal into your oil.

High Temperatures can cause metal cartridges to leach metal into your oil faster. The metal only leaches into the oil in trace amounts, but people with sensitive pallets can taste the difference. Some choose to buy ceramic cartridges like our Live Resin to avoid the leaching altogether, but low temp batteries can help if you can only find metal carts.

We are a California live resin company who started producing 100% Live Resin vape cartridges in 2019. When we developed our first cartridge, we realized that there was a gap in the market for low temperature batteries. So we made our own. It pairs perfectly with our fully-ceramic Live Resin Cartridge.



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