Live Badder

URSA Live Badder is a full spectrum natural expression of the plant, whipped and folded into a soft and creamy texture.
Made in Humboldt County in small batches from single strain cannabis, URSA Live Badder is a terpene heavy treat, exuding the rich flavor of the plant.
We use rigorous quality controls to identify only the best fresh frozen cannabis that makes the cut to become our Live Badder.
Each release has a unique full spectrum experience and strain specific flavor.  Our goal is to provide a unique experience with every strain.

Live Badder comes in 1g Jar sizes.

Live Resin

URSA Live Resin comes from fresh frozen plants with award-winning genetics, grown in the beautiful sunshine with the cleanest and most responsible farming practices.
Our skilled technicians create URSA extracts with a level of expertise that only comes from dedication to their craft.  URSA Live Resin amplifies the cannabinoids and terpenes that make each strain special.
URSA Live Resin is made from cannabis grown with love according to rigorous cultivation standards.
Our procurement team selects unique, small batch, artisan-grown cannabis strains to create an outstanding flavor experience.

Live Resin comes in 1g Jar sizes.



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