What is Small Batch Craft Cannabis?

What is Small Batch Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis, otherwise known as small-batch or artisan cannabis, is a sought-after alternative to mass-produced grows. The growth of the cannabis sector brought with it large-scale commercial grows that output the most flower at the cheapest price. Unfortunately, this lower price tag results in low-quality weed due to questionable growing practices and pesticides. 

If you’re looking for the highest quality cannabis experience, small-batch is the way to go. Continue reading to see what exactly craft cannabis is, how it’s different from commercial grows, and its premium benefits for consumers. 

What Exactly is Craft Cannabis? 

Artisan-made cannabis continues to rise in popularity among consumers who care about the growing practices and overall quality of the weed they smoke. There is some debate around the exact definition of craft cannabis. Craft grows are generally characterized by an ethos of quality over quantity. On the other hand, some define it as cannabis that starts with the true seeds and not clones or clippings.

You can compare this shift in thinking to that of the craft beer, alcohol, and third-wave coffee culture. Craft cannabis growers often use sustainable, organic, and small-batch growing techniques. It is often grown by skilled cultivators who can tweak every aspect of the growing process to bring out the best aromas and flavors true to the genetics used. 

Growing craft cannabis is a labor of love and it’s never an easy process. We hope that new legislative and regulatory frameworks can further open the door to small growers who otherwise wouldn’t survive in a highly competitive market now flush with large corporate operations. 

What’s the Difference Between Craft & Mass-Produced Cannabis?

Craft cannabis tends to cost more expensive than mass-produced weed, but that price tag often reflects a certain quality, passion, and top-tier growing process performed only by experienced cultivators. For the most part, commercial growers often only care about one thing and that’s their profits. That means important aspects of the growing process like climate control, natural pest control, and overall maintenance of facilities can be overlooked. 

At the end of the day, the choice between commercial and craft cannabis is not too different than comparing a Bud Light to a quality craft beer. Large grow operations tend to machine trim their harvest, which means you lose a lot of the valuable trichomes in the process. That’s why mass-produced weed almost always lacks the bold flavor, aroma, and effect that true connoisseurs love. 

 Aside from an overall lack of quality control, commercial grows are often far worse for the environment. This tends to be a major factor in many consumers’ decisions to opt for small-batch locally grown cannabis. 

The Benefits of Craft Cannabis

As mentioned, craft cannabis is grown using superior growing techniques and small-batch farming practices. This results in a higher quality crop, but what exactly are the tangible benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits that result directly from artisan-made cannabis. 

1. It is Better for the Environment: Craft growers commonly focus on organic and sustainable farming practices that are better for the environment. 

2. It results in a superior product across the board: Small-batch growing means more attention to detail, which results in better smelling and tasting cannabis that’s 100% true to the original strain. More specifically, small farms mean cultivators can pay attention to every single aspect of the crop from seed to harvest.  

3. It supports small farmers: Craft cannabis often comes from smaller family farms that have a real passion for producing the best available product.

How Does URSA Extracts Source its Flower?

At URSA Extracts, we always start with the fresh-whole flower that’s harvested by artisan growers. URSA’s master extractors then carefully pull all of the necessary terpenes and cannabinoids from the fresh flower in small, select batches. This applies to our Liquid Diamond Sauce Carts and our dabbable concentrates

Not only do we source the best premium flower, but we also use state-of-the-art extraction methods to ensure that the contents of the extract are 100% from the specific strain listed. This means you get the full entourage effect exactly as the plant intended. You can view our full range of strains by visiting our very own Terpene Vault and searching for products in your area right here



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