Double Up Mints Live Badder




Total THC:



Batch ID: BAUR000350DM

Boutique farms. Small Batches. Exotic Flavors.

100% Whole Fresh Frozen Flower goes into each gram of our Live Resin. We never use additives. The contents are 100% distillate-free and 100% from the specific strain listed.

Dominate terpenes: Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Humulene

Rare terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene, Guaiol

Total Cannabinoids:77.82% | Total THC: 71.01% | Total Terpenes:7.48%

URSA’s Live Badder is a full spectrum natural expression of the plant, whipped and folded into a soft and creamy consistency. Our rigorous quality controls identify ideal batches to be made into live badder, only the best fresh frozen cannabis makes the cut. We always run small batches so you know every gram was given the attention it deserves, from the farmer to the extractors to you. We do not cut corners, and we do not cut our product. Experience the best flavor Humboldt flower has to offer.

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