Strain Spotlight: Sour Diesel

Strain Spotlight: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a world-renowned strain with a fantastic reputation. Sativa-dominant, it gets its unique characteristics from the alleged parents Chemdawg & SuperSkunk. Those who try it will likely take notice of Sour Diesel’s pungent signature scent.

First rising to popularity sometime in 1990, Sour Diesel, or Sour “D”, has long been one of the best-selling strains on the market, and for good reason. You’ve heard it named dropped by rappers like Wiz Khalifa or on hit shows like Broad City. 

You probably know the name, but we’re here to share all of the interesting characteristics of the strain. Continue reading to learn more about Sour Diesel including what it tastes and smells like, its effects, and how to get the most out of its benefits. 

What Does Sour Diesel Smell, Taste, and Look Like? 

Sour “D” gives off an unforgettable scent of, you guessed it…, diesel. To be more specific, Sour Diesel’s aroma tends to get described by users as a mix of kerosene, citrus, musk, conifer, and skunk scents. Let’s just say the smell is amazing, but it may not be the best if you’re trying to be discreet ;). If you’re especially worried about the smell, whole-plant vape cartridges may be a good way to get the same experience with a slightly more subtle aroma. 

Fortunately, the actual taste of a sour diesel strain won’t be as intense as the smell. In a true live-resin extract, we happen to find the taste quite nice. The presence of terpenes like myrcene and limonene result in a somewhat sour and citrus-like scent. Another standout feature of the strain is its slightly exotic look. You can expect to find orange pistils as well as bright green buds. 

How Does a Sour “D” High Make You Feel? 

The THC content of this Sativa-leaning strain often comes in around 20%, but there are far more interesting characteristics to brag about. Many users report sour diesel to be especially fast-acting when smoked as opposed to ingested in the form of a tincture or edible. Its overall effects are often described as slightly euphoric and uplifting. 

You’ll quickly notice its energetic effects leading way to its beloved trait as a fabulous mood-booster. Interestingly enough, Sour Diesel combines two seemingly contradictory effect profiles. One strain parent brings in a spacey euphoria and the other a stimulating effect. The end result is a fantastic strain for anxiety relief along with a host of other potential medical benefits. 

We tend to recommend this one as a strain for daytime use, but take note the more you smoke the spacier you’ll feel. For those with higher tolerances or in smaller amounts, Sour Diesel may make a great addition to getting some work done. This may also be a strain you stay away from if the primary benefit you’re looking for is sleep. 

How to Get the Benefits of Sour Diesel 

When it comes to getting the benefits from Sour Diesel, we believe the safest and most effective method of ingesting is through concentrates. With that said you need to understand that not all THC extracts are made the same. By this we mean it’s best to choose concentrates that maintain all of the original terpenes and plant compounds from the original cannabis plant. 

This allows for the perceived benefits of the Entourage Effect which you can learn more about here. The process of extracting THC and maintaining the full spectrum of plant chemicals is often referred to as fresh frozen live resin extract. 

When extracted correctly and without adding in any additional filler terpenes, the result is a whole-plant concentrate that contains all the trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids within the flower. These trichomes are where a majority of THC, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids are stored. 

Unfortunately, the premium nature of live resin extracts leads to brands marketing their product as such even though they may refine their concentrate or add in outside terpenes. Below is a ceramic vape cartridge you can trust is true to the original aroma, content, and nature of the sour diesel plant. 

URSA Extracts Sour Diesel Cartridge


Long story short, Sour Diesel is a unique strain featuring a pungent musky scent, energizing and anxiety-reducing characteristics, as well as the appearance of signature orange pistils. We suggest trying Sour “D” to uplift your next hike, beach day, or spring cleaning session. 

If you like Sour Diesel, we suggest checking out another one of our favorite strains. You can view its own featured strain profile here. In addition, you can check for the availability of URSA Extracts products near you using our store locator



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