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This post is for you if you love dabs but hate the hassle of dealing with torches, rigs, and messy extracts. Concentrates and extracts deliver a sublime cannabis experience for anyone that wants high potency and intense flavor. Dab technology has evolved beyond the old torch and rig and evolved into something much more sleek and appealing. The Puffco Peak unlocks the power of concentrates with its incredible design. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak is an electronic vaping device made with high-end vaping technology. It’s essentially the modern solution to dabbing, making it a more sophisticated way to enjoy concentrates and extracts.

Top benefits:

  • Four heat settings let you enjoy dabs any way you like. Prefer small dabs? There’s a temp for that. Want to blow big clouds? There’s a temp for that too. Tap into the “sesh-mode” setting to extend the session so you can share with your friends.
  • It only takes 20 seconds to heat the Puffco Peak. Using a torch to heat a nail and playing guessing games with the optimum temperature can delay your experience by several minutes.
  • Puffco Peak’s “intelligent temperature calibration” automatically adjusts the temperature to maintain a stable temp. That means that if your bowl is still hot, it won’t take the usual 20 seconds, and during sesh-mode, everyone will dab at the same temp. 
  • Haptic feedback gives the users cues on temperature, so you always know when the time is right to take the perfect dab. The light band conceals itself when there’s nothing to alert.
  • The battery takes two hours to charge, meaning you can plug it in between sessions or only once a week, depending on how often you use it. A full charge is good for about 30 dabs.

On top of its functional features, the Puffco Peak is portable, easy to clean, and has zero learning curve for use. All you need is the Puffco Peak, and some high-quality cannabis concentrates, and you’re ready to sesh.

Everything You Need to Know About Puffco Peak

To get the most out of a Puffco Peak, there are a few things you need to know about how to use, care for, and store your device.

How to Smoke Puffco Peak

The first thing you need to know after you open your Puffco Peak is to charge it using the USB charger. It will vibrate while it charges and stops once it’s fully charged. Next, you want to fill the bubbler (glass chamber) with water. Puffco recommends filling just above two air holes. Any more than that, you’ll end up with water in your mouth, or worse, damage the atomizer.

Attach the bubbler to the base by inserting the front part of the glass under the lip of the base. Push it back to seal fully. If you’re unsure you secured it properly, take a few draws through the mouthpiece. Smooth inhale? You’re good to go. Restricted airflow? Try again to readjust the connection. 

Add a dab to the atomizer, keeping it towards the middle and not on the sides. Then, turn it on by holding the power button for three seconds. You can then cycle through the four heat settings with one click. Blue = Low. Green = Medium. Red = High. White = Peak Temperature. It will vibrate and flash the light three times when it’s properly heated. Inhale slowly and enjoy the smooth flavor.

How to Clean a Puffco Peak

Keeping your Puffco Peak clean will ensure a long life and excellent flavor for your dabs. After each session, use a cotton swab to wipe any remaining oil from the atomizer. For a deeper clean, remove the bubbler from the atomizer. 

You can clean the carb cap and glass bubbler with isopropyl alcohol. Use a cotton swab, or fully submerge both pieces and let them soak for up to 30 minutes. Any residue should easily wipe away. Be sure to rinse with water to remove any remaining alcohol.

Clean the atomizer with alcohol, but do not use water. Any water on the ceramic element can permanently damage the atomizer. Be sure that the bowl has thoroughly cooled before removing the atomizer.

Once all parts are clean, let them air dry before reassembling. The Puffco Peak does not need a deep clean every time you use it, but consider cleaning it every time the battery dies for a refresh.

How to Transport Puffco Peak

The safest way to travel with your Puffco Peak is inside a Peak Bag. The bag is designed for convenience, fashion, and function to keep your hardware (and glassware) safe. With adjustable straps, you can wear it over your shoulder, cross body, on your belt loop, or even as a hip pack. In addition, there are extra storage compartments for cotton swabs, dab jars, and additional stash pockets for keys or wallet.

Best Way to Store Puffco Peak

When not in use, always store your Puffco Peak upright and on a flat surface. While the device itself is stable, it’s not unbreakable. Keep it on a dab mat or non-slip surface for extra protection. For longer storage, pack into a Peak Bag.

Best Temperature to Dab Puffco Peak

Everyone prefers a different temperature from time to time. The four temps on Puffco Peak offer different experiences. Low temps (indicated by Blue and Green lights) preserve the maximum flavor. The inhale is a bit more smooth and relaxing. In contrast, the higher temps (Red and White) deliver massive hits with much bigger clouds. It’s best to start on low temps and work your way up to see what you like best. 



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