Are Low Temperatures Really That Important for Dabbing Live Resin?

Are Low Temperatures Really That Important for Dabbing Live Resin?

Low-temp dabs vs High-temp dabs is the latest and greatest debate amongst cannabis consumers. Since popularity for dabs has risen, so has the argument for what temp to take dabs at is ‘proper’. Like many things in cannabis, there’s no ‘right’ answer. It is up to your preference of effect. 

To figure out which proper dab temp is best for you – you’ve got to understand how temperatures affect dabs, and the effects you’ll feel. So, here, we’ve put together the ultimate temperature dab guide for your own self-exploration with ideal dabbing temperatures. 

Keep reading to find out why dabbing temperatures are so important and the best ones for your desired effects. 

Why Dab Temps Matter

Cannabis concentrates, quite simply, are extracts of the most precious and beneficial compounds weed plants can produce. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these compounds, like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are quite literally – precious, and volatile. They burn off and evaporate at certain temps, which means varying effects will come from low temp vs high temp dabs. 

That’s because each unique terpene and cannabinoid produce different effects anyways. So your temperature ultimately determines which compounds are vaporized for your inhaling pleasure. 

This means dab temps not only affect the specific effects you feel from a dab, but the intensity or strength, too. What’s also important to know about dab temps, and especially for the best temp to dab live resin is how it affects terps. (For those that don’t know what terps are yet, terps = terpenes = the unique smell and flavor of your cannabis strain. You can brush up on terpenes in our terpene intro article.)

Live resin is unique for capturing the whole-essence of the cannabis plant, and strain. So, when you’re dabbing the concentrate, you’ll want to get the biggest bang for your bud. You want to experience the strain’s effects, and taste in full-effect. After all, that is what you paid for! To do so, you’ll have to understand what the best dabbing temperatures for the aromatic centers of the plant.  Which is what we’re covering next, in this low temp vs high temp dab guide. 

Low Temp vs. High Temp 

Terpenes and cannabinoids together produce what’s known as an ‘entourage effect’. Basically, they amplify one another’s effects for a stronger, more dynamic type of buzz. This is key for balancing the best temperature to dab at, if you’re dabbing for therapeutic, or specific type of effects. Or for flavor – since preserving terpenes add to your dabs’ overall taste, too. Let’s break down the key factors to know about low temp dabs vs high temp dabs, so you can best decide which temp is for you. 

315 – 450°F – This is the ideal range for low temp vs high temp dabs, and where a majority of terpenes and cannabinoids vaporize. For reference, many call 380 – 420°F the ‘sweet spot’ for the perfect low temp dab. Because most terpenes burn off at higher temperatures, with low vs high temp dabs, you’ll experience a more flavorful rip altogether. 
450 – 600°F – This ‘medium’ temperature range is smack dab in the middle of low temp benefits and high temp benefits. While you’ll lose out on some flavor, your exhale will be bigger, and thicker than low temp dabs, which some may consider ‘better’. 
600 – 900°F – This temperature range is normal for high temp dabs, which consumers prefer for the thickest, cloudiest vapors, and intense rush of effects. On the flip side, you’ll lose even more on flavor and often experience a harsh, more bitter hit.  

For even more fine-tuned dabs, here’s a quick guide on the temperatures cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at –

  • THC – 315°F
  • CBD – 320 – 356°F
  • Myrcene – 330 – 334°F
  • Limonene – 350°F
  • Delta 8 THC – 347 – 352°F
  • CBN – 365°F
  • Linalool – 388°F
  • Caryophyllene – 390°F
  • Pinene – 420 – 435°F
  • THCV + CBC – 428°F
  • Humulene – 435°F

The Best Ways to Control Dab Temps 

So, with all this talk about ideal dabbing temperatures you’re probably wondering…how am I supposed to know the exact temp? Most dabbers use a glass nail and a torch and eyeballing the shade of ‘red’ to begin their rip. But the industry has been keeping up with the trends and now focuses on dab temps, with tools, and equipment to use. Even with traditional bongs, and glass nails, you can still determine and control low vs high temp dabs with a few special buys. 

Tools to Gauge Dab Temps Accurately 

  • Dab Temperature Gun – A simple infrared thermometer gun will be able to read the surface of any dab tool. 
  • E-Nail – Enail dab temperatures are just one of the perks of the most innovative dabbing rigs. They also heat up automatically, and deliver even, consistent dabs, with the most accurate read on temps. 
  • Dab Pens – To find the best temp for dab pens, you’ll need a pen that has a temperature display, or color/level guide. Most models typically offer three levels of heat at low, medium, or high, yet some more advanced models allow customizable temps, too. 

Getting The Most From Dabs 

Once you begin dabbing, you’ll notice how much you crave the delivery method’s potent effects and intense rush of good feels. But you’ll also notice how costly those cravings can get. So you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most from your top-shelf treat of amazing dabs like those from URSA Extracts. Using the best dab temp will help. 

Now that you know more about the importance of dab temps, you can optimally enjoy the most premium concentrate for dabs – live resin, diamonds and THCa. URSA Extracts produces only the best when it comes to dabbing, to elevate your experience and provide you with the latest and greatest in full-spectrum THC concentrates.

So, take your newfound knowledge of ideal dabbing temperatures, find yourself some URSA concentrates and heighten your highs today!



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