Live Vs. Cured Resin

Live Vs. Cured Resin

What does the “Live” part of Live Resin mean?

Cannabis concentrates come from various types of cannabis input material. “Live” means the input cannabis came from a plant that was Fresh Frozen. “Cured Resin” or just “resin” or any other concentrate type that doesn’t include the word “Live”, implies that the input material was not Fresh Frozen or from fresh cannabis. The word “Live” indicates

What does Fresh Frozen mean?

Fresh Frozen means it was chopped in the field at peak bloom and immediately frozen. We do this to preserve the fresh trichomes (see definition below). It’s what makes Live Resin “Live”.

What are Trichomes?

Trichomes (pronounced ‘try,cōmbs) are where most of the THC, terpenes & other cannabinoids like CBD are stored in the cannabis flower. They are what gives a fresh, potent bud that “frosty” look. Trichomes store the chemistry that makes you high. They are also very fragile. Even UV light (sunlight) can cause them to degrade once the plant is chopped from its roots.

Live Resin vs. Cured Resin

The reason people prefer Live Resin over Cured Resin is because the curing process damages the Trichomes, which are the parts that hold the cannabinoids and terpenes. Let’s talk about curing.

What does “cured” mean?

When a plant is cured, it means it is hung upside down in a dry space and forced to dry out. The benefit of curing a cannabis plant is that you are avoiding fungal or microbial growth within the bud and preparing it to be heated (smoked or vaped) for consumption. The problem with curing is that over-dried cannabis lacks smell, taste and burns hotter and faster.

The Perfect Cure is Only Perfect for Flower

It isn’t easy to get the moisture level just right. That’s why people talk about the “perfect cure” when they’re talking about flower. If the flower is too wet it could fail testing. If it is too dry, you have lost valuable terpenes because your trichomes have degraded. Your bud doesn’t smell or taste as good. And it burns hotter and faster than a perfectly cured bud. The best cannabis brands strike a perfect balance – not too dry, just dry enough to avoid mold or fungus and burn smoothly.



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