The Live Resin Best Practices You Need To Know

The Live Resin Best Practices You Need To Know

So, you’ve got yourself some live resin…but do you fully understand what makes the extract so much better than the rest? Let us explain. Live resin concentrate is the freshest, most unrefined, full-flavored extract that’s available on the market today. 

Meaning, you’ll want to use live resin to the fullest.  That’s why we’ve put together your ultimate guide to consuming live resin, and the best practices you should know. Keep reading to enhance your elevated experience with URSA Extracts live resin. 

The Live Resin Definition

Have you ever taken a whiff of a certain strain, that smelled so good you wish you could take a bite out of it? That’s the live resin difference. The live resin definition is how the concentrate becomes so pungent with natural terpene flavor. To make live resin, the flower it’s extracted from is fresh-frozen at the time of harvest. This captures the whole essence of the plant’s aromas, to soon be processed for the lively concentrate. 

Because drying and curing cannabis after harvest can amplify cannabinoid levels – live resin THC content isn’t always the most potent. But what the flash freezing does do, is preserve a higher level of terpenes for an enhanced entourage effect. For our last definition, the ‘entourage effect’ refers to cannabinoids and terpenes amplifying one another for more intense effects, all-around. It’s why you’ll feel what’s known as an ‘empty high’ with some distillates, as you’re lacking the power and robustness of whole-plant cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Live Resin 101: Best Practices 

Now that you know live resin extracts contain equally precious and beneficial compounds, how should you consume it for the ultimate buzz? The two most common delivery methods for live resin, are dabbing or using a dab pen like most other concentrates. But, keeping the following ‘best practices’ in mind, allows you to harness the full benefits of live resin to the max.  

What Is The Best Temp for Live Resin?

The low temp dab vs high temp dab debate is ongoing amongst cannabis consumers. As for live resin, we can all agree that lower temps are ideal for ultimate terpene preservation. In general, 315 – 400 degrees F° is the recommended temperature for live resin dabs. So, stay to the lower end of this range for the fullest taste. 

What Dab Rig Is Best For Live Resin? 

(How to not burn your terpenes!)

To be mindful of maintaining ideal temperatures, e-rigs equipped with a temp gauge or dab pens with exact temperature settings are the best. Even though most dabbing connoisseurs can eyeball their preferred temperatures by the redness of their rig, it’s not an exact science. And, terpenes can burn off as temps get hotter, losing their effectiveness and taste. 

In other words, If you dab too hot, you are burning your terpenes. Since terps and cannabinoids are what set live resin apart from the rest, dabbing at the right temperature is going to get you the best bang for your buck.

Most major terpenes vaporize optimally between 264°F – 350°F. That is a good range for maximizing the flavors and effects of your dab. If you have a glass dab rig that’s tried and true, you can always purchase an infrared thermometer to double check the temp before enjoying your dab. Of course, even with high-temp dabs you’ll still be treated to highly potent effects just with less of a flavorful taste. 

How Do You Store Live Resin Best?

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat, is live resin’s unique texture and consistency. Which you’ll want to protect and retain, with proper storage. Unique to other concentrates, many consumers are now keeping their live resin in the refrigerator to retain freshness. Since light and heat can speeden up the breakdown of the live resin consistency. Outside of the fridge, keeping your live resin extract in cool dark areas is best. 

Make sure you also tighten your live resin container completely after use, to avoid changes in color, consistency, potency, and taste, too. 

Are All Live Resins The Same? 

Put simply – no. Unfortunately, the industry doesn’t have a standard classification or qualification for any concentrate to be called ‘live resin’. So even though some brands may advertise a ‘live resin’, it may not be the true flash-frozen, unrefined version it should be. At URSA, our motto is – quality in, quality out, which is key for live resin extracts. 

Because you’re consuming the pure compounds of the plant, using the highest quality flower as starting material will increase the quality of the live resin concentrate overall. Be wary of any live resins that are priced similarly to low-end concentrates, as they’re most likely an imposter. The high-tech process to extract true live resin can be costly, which drives the market’s higher price point versus other concentrates. 

Like a luxury good in any industry, the best things can come at a cost – and consumers are finding the indulgence of live resin, to be worth it. 

Live It Up With Live Resin 

Whether you choose a live resin cart, or live resin extract, you’ll be living it up with robust flavors, and elevated effects. Live resin is the definition of top-shelf as for concentrates and will take your dabbing, or vaping, to all new levels. Try the best of the best, with URSA Extracts’ full collection chock-full of your favorite strains for the most premium live resin cannabis experience. 



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