Live Resin Cartridge: The Pinnacle of 710

Humans have been obsessed with diamonds for ages. We are endlessly enamored by their stunning clarity and durability. They’ve become a symbol of eternal love and wealth, but now diamonds represent something much more fascinating to us. 

Liquid live resin THC Diamonds now represent the pinnacle of oil concentrates for vaping. Learn more about what live resin is, how we make it, and why its popularity is justified. 

What Are URSA’s Live Resin Cartridges? 

Live Resin Cartridges from URSA, are true-to-strain and 100% live resin. The beauty of this live resin concentrate is its combination of original plant terpenes and potent THC diamonds for a robust and full-bodied high. You can find this golden diamond sauce goodness in all of URSA’s Live Resin Carts

What Goes Into Making URSA’s Live Resin Carts? 

URSA’s Live Resin carts are revered for their true-to-strain extraction and a premium vaping experience. The advanced preservation of terpenes and diamonds in the 100% Live Resin Cartridges will dazzle your senses with an authentic high. That’s because the oil in URSA’s carts always comes from the specific strain listed on the package. This allows you to experience an entourage effect the way the plant intended. 

The characteristic feature in the fresh frozen process of Live Resin extraction is the ability to capture all of the plant’s chemical compounds at peak freshness. That means plants aren’t dried or cured at all prior to extraction. Rather, live resin needs to be flash-frozen at peak freshness.

The plant remains frozen throughout extraction to maintain all the various trichomes, terpenes, and other plant compounds. The plant material is passed through butane (BHO) solvent to separate the oil from the plant matter. The end result is a golden extract with a pungent aroma representing that of the original plant. After the oil is extracted it is then placed in a pressurized oven to remove the BHO solvent. Once the BHO is removed, Live Resin Carts don’t need additional refinement. They’re at their purest, without. At URSA, we are capable of naturally achieving a live resin consistency with true color that’s exceptional on looks, alone.

Live Resin Carts and the Entourage Effect 

As mentioned above, what truly sets URSA’s Live Resin apart from distillates and other forms of lower-grade resin is the preservation of terpenes and additional plant compounds. When preserved, the result is a whole-plant cannabis extract capable of supplying users with the potential benefits of the entourage effect. 

According to Healthline, “The entourage effect is the process through which cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis are thought to interact with each other as well as with your brain’s receptors.” More specifically, it is believed that when all cannabis plant compounds are taken together, you receive a better effect than when THC is isolated and taken on its own. Live Resin Cartridge users will also notice a plethora of flavors resulting from the terpenes in the oil. To be more specific, a 100% live resin cart will reward you with the closest experience and effect when compared to smoking fresh flower. 

At the end of the day, our advanced extraction methods mean we can squeeze out all the glorious compounds you want from the plant. This means we never introduce any additional terpenes, fillers, additives, or anything else that could detract from the purity of our Live Resin Carts. There is never anything added or taken away!

F.A.Qs: URSA’s Live Resin Carts

  1. What Voltage Battery Should I Use With Live Resin Carts? 

When it comes to top-shelf live resin cartridges like URSA’s Live Resin, a low voltage battery is recommended. That’s because higher temperatures destroy the terpenes present in premium live carts. More specifically, utilizing a low voltage battery will make your cartridge taste better, give you an experience closer to smoking dry flowers, and may even save you some money. 

On the other hand, URSA STRATOS cartridges have a higher ratio of THC to terpenes making them suitable for higher temperature batteries. 

  1. What is the thin dark layer of oil at the top of the cartridge?

If you see a darker layer of oil in your cart don’t be alarmed. It is a completely natural occurrence and what you see is actually the cannabinoid CBN. CBN happens to display sedative effects and occurs more over the life of the oil, which is why the oil may appear darker as you start using the vape. 

  1. Why Does URSA use ceramic in their vape cartridges? 

URSA takes pride in the use of dental-grade ceramic cart hardware for its variety of benefits over other forms like metal. Ceramic carts result in a better taste, improved vapor flow, less burning, and a clearer view of the oil inside. In our belief, you wouldn’t cut corners with other ingestion materials in your life, so why would your vape hardware be any different? 

Elevate Your Extract Game With a URSA Live Resin Cart

Now that you know why URSA Live Resin Cartridges are the pinnacle of 710, it’s time to try some out for yourself. You can find 100% single origin live resin carts available in your area from URSA right here



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