Gadget of the Week: PHILTER

Gadget of the Week: PHILTER

I love the way weed smells. And I know a lot of people who also like it. But I don’t want that smell to stick to my clothes and follow me everywhere I go. That’s why I was so pleased when I found PHILTER – the gadget that erases your exhale.


The world’s first personal filter that integrates with a standard 510 cartridge to eliminate secondhand vapor.

Inhale through the PHREEDOM to take a hit and exhale into the same mouthpiece for a seamless, smoke-free vaping experience.

Patented filtration process captures and dissolves particulates, reduces emissions and diminishes odor.

  • Works with most standard 510 cartridges in .5g and 1g
  • Compatible with all mouthpiece styles including cylindrical, fluted and flat and all mouthpiece materials like wood, metal and plastic
  • Simply slips over the mouthpiece and secures snugly to the cartridge
  • Inhale through the PHREEDOM as you normally would for a traditional hit and exhale into the air, OR
  • Exhale into the same mouthpiece to eliminate your secondhand smoke and smell
  • Built-in window allows user to view the amount of concentrate remaining in the cartridge
  • Good for up to 100 exhales

* does not include a 510 cartridge or battery. (That’s where URSA comes in! Find URSA)



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