Welcome to the world of URSA, where excellence meets expertise!

Our award-winning brand is meticulously crafted by top extractors, ensuring an unrivaled journey of flavor and potency.

We take pride in our in-house manufacturing process, crafting an exceptional experience with every product.

Committed to sourcing only the finest, freshest cannabis, URSA collaborates with trusted farmers in Humboldt County. 
Join us and discover what’s on the horizon in the world of concentrates!

We Never Blend Strains

Why it tastes so good​

Our process always starts with fresh trichomes.



(pronounced ‘try,cōmbs)

Trichomes are where most of the THC, terpenes & other cannabinoids like CBD are stored in the cannabis flower.

They are what gives a fresh,potent bud that “frosty” look. Trichomes store the chemistry that makes you high.

Awards We Have Won

With accolades stacking up from industry titans, our products speak volumes. Check out our impressive list of awards and see why URSA Extracts is in a league of its own!


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