Ceramic Vs. Metal Cartridges

Ceramic Vs. Metal Cartridges

Like anything in weed, there’s always a product that’s considered more ‘top-shelf’ or premium than the rest. With vape carts, it’s no different. Not only can the quality of the contents differ from brand to brand, but now even the construction of the cart matters, too. So, why are dental-grade ceramic carts rising above the rest in popularity and functionality? Here we’ll break down all the key differences you need to know on ceramic vs. metal carts.

Metal carts vs. ceramic carts – what’s the difference?

It’s not too difficult to realize the true difference in metal carts, and ceramic cartridges on type alone. Obviously, one utilizes a heating apparatus or coil from metal, while the other is made from ceramic. Types of ceramic and metal carts can differ, in the way that they heat or the wick that is used. For the most part, the true variance lies in the material alone. That difference however not only affects key components for vaping, like flavor, but the safety, too.

Until recently, metal vape carts have reigned supreme. They were a cost-effective, and reliable way of heating cannabis oil and ejuice through vape carts, and vape pens. That was, until lower-quality metal cart material began failing compliance testing. Metal carts, especially those that are cheaply made, have the ability to ‘leach’ into the pure cannabis liquid that’s contained in the adjoining cart.

Leaching, is the process of the acidity from the cannabis oil deteriorating the metal material. Which allows harmful metal compounds, like lead to seep into the product. Luckily, there are a number of safe and reputable metal cartridges that can be used by trusted brands who aren’t interested in cutting costs.

Obviously, cannabis connoisseur or not, there’s no conscious consumer that wants to be inhaling dangerous and toxic chemicals. Ceramic cartridges on the other hand, are free of this fear completely and deliver a few additional benefits that pique the interests of frequent vapers. Especially the dental-grade type of ceramic used in URSA Extracts cartridges.

Benefits of ceramic carts

In a new world of ‘knock-off’ THC vapes that are manufactured poorly for quick profits – it’s more important than ever to vape better and more safely. So, if you’re wanting the most from your premium vape experience, there’s no better choice than ceramic carts. Ceramic cartridges are the ideal consistency to prevent oxidation. Meaning, they can stand up to the heat necessary for vaping, without allowing the material to breakdown and disrupt the precious oil you’re inhaling.

Beyond the mechanics and construction, ceramic cartridges are made to elevate your experience even further. Here’s just a few more ways full ceramic cartridges stand apart from the rest:

Better Taste

Because the material of ceramic cartridges is more porous vs metal carts, the contents of the cart is better absorbed for vaporizing pleasure. This means you’ll get a fuller flavor profile, and better taste overall. The high dental-grade consistency of ceramic cartridges is also more pure than other materials like metal. It’s free of contaminants that typically tint the taste you’re inhaling. These traits alone allow ceramic carts to be highly more capable at delivering clean and flavorful hits.

Improved Vapor

Like we already mentioned, ceramic cartridges are more porous than metal and other materials. Not only does this add to better flavor, but also increases the surface area of heat. The fuller spectrum of heat increases the amount of product that can be inhaled per puff. Producing robust vapors with less material used overall, improved taste, and allowing ceramic cart contents to last longer, too.

Less Burnt Taste  

With dry hits from metal carts, it’s not uncommon to inhale an unfavorable burning taste. Since ceramic cartridges don’t use cotton for heat, you’ll eliminate the possibility of tarnishing your taste even further.

Clearer View of the Oil Inside

The bright, white background of the ceramic housing allows you to see the quality of the oil better than metal cartridges. Wondering what should you be looking for? Quality oils have a color range similar to honey. Oils that are exceptionally dark should be avoided, but some brands use CRC (Color Remediation Column) to lighten low quality oil so don’t go for the lightest oil either. The oil should be clear and free of any debris. Looking for Live Resin Oil? Go for the gold. Choose oils like URSA Live Resin.

A Hit Above the Rest  

When elevating for premium effects, flavor and vaping experience – there’s one way to do it, a hit above the rest. That’s with dental-grade ceramic cartridges and their clean, pure vape results. You wouldn’t cut the corners, with any other material choice in your life…So, why choose a lesser material for your vape? Level-up your vaping game, and check out URSA Extract’s extensive collection of fully ceramic cartridges, now.



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