Fully Ceramic Cartridges


Live Rosin


Solventless, single-strain

Solventless live rosin will be increasingly popular as the public begins to experience the quality and freshness of these new vape carts.

Growing evidence suggests that cannabis which is grown from seed in the sun, in native soil such as we have in Humboldt County, produces the richest and most desirable flower for live rosin production. 

The clean, smooth flavor of these solventless products capture the full-spectrum essence of the cannabis flower in a way that will excite old-school cannabis connoisseurs and new consumers alike.  

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potency & Flavor

Our original Live Resin Cartridges are revered for their potency and Flavor. So when we asked ourselves, “How can we take it to the next level?”, we knew the answer was in the purification of the terpenes.

When Crafting Nova, we carefully extracted the highest quality terpenes and infused them with our 100% liquified diamond formulations.

The Resulting Cartridge is a combination of the best cannabis extracts and Terpenes in the world.

We use ceramic cartridges that are toxin-free, made with dental grade ceramic instead of metal.  

Live Resin



Our award-winning 100% Live Resin Cartridge embraces the natural expression of terpenes and cannabinoids in each strain. URSA cartridges are extracted from high quality, fresh-frozen cannabis sourced from premiere California cultivators.

We harvest and flash freeze the whole cannabis flower at its peak. Our extractors use cutting-edge technology to convert premium jared live resin to a dab on-the-go. URSA cartridges are manufactured with toxin-free dental grade ceramic. URSA Humboldt Live is 100% single origin live resin that provides a flavor experience “as the plant intended”. The rich combination of single strain terpenes and cannabinoids make this cart a consumer favorite.



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