Our Top Recommended Dab Gadgets You Need to Try Now!

Our Top Recommended Dab Gadgets You Need to Try Now!

Dabbing has quickly become an elevated and superior way to consume cannabis. With just one dab rip, cannabis connoisseurs are treated to high potencies, and heightened buzzes. To go along with the extraordinary delivery method, the market is now leveling up on dab tools, and equipment, too. Beyond dabbing the highest quality URSA live resin extracts, these top-notch gadgets are also helping to amplify the dab game. 

So, to take your dabbing to the next level, we’ve put together our ultimate guide of the best dab tools and gadgets you need to try. 

None of these recommended products are sponsored! We just love these products:
Octave Terp Timer
Res Caps
Formula 710 Cleaner
Glob Mops
MJ Arsenal
Mothership Glass

Temp Matters

Temperature is especially key when you’re elevating your dabbing game. That’s because certain cannabinoids and terpenes degrade at certain temperatures. Consumers continue the low heat vs high heat debate about dabbing cannabis, but we believe knowing your dab temp is important. Even though most consumers think they can tell by the ‘redness’ of their banger or nail – adding a higher level of accuracy will elevate your cannabis dab bong routine, and you will ultimately get more bang for your buck.

The Terp Timer from Octave

That’s why our first gadget recommendation is the Octave Terp Timer. The Octave Terp Timer is a desktop wireless thermal sensor that gauges dabbing temperatures. Designed and built for ‘true enthusiasts’ this high-tech tool allows dabbers to set your desired temps, with a handy ‘beeping’ alert system for when your rig is ready.

Learn how to take a proper dab with Octave’s terp timer, a tool to gauge temperature for dabbing cannabis


Dabbing Tools 

Like joint, bowl and cannabis flower accessories and tools…now a variety of dabbing accessories are available to improve your dabbing game. Here are the latest and greatest items you should make sure to have on hand, for the ultimate dab experience. 

Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers are key for any dab, considering they’re able to withstand the high heats that are necessary for dabbing success. So, the quartz material is now standard for most dab rigs, and nails. But now, quartz bangers are being designed to better suit the dab position and varied rigs, with differing angles. The most popular angle is 90 degree, but 45 degree and 60 degree angled quartz bangers are also available to best customize your equipment. When buying a new banger for your cannabis dab bong or rig, ensure you know the size and gender you need. As female and male bangers differ in the size and shape of their attachment. 

Carb Caps 

No matter your dab (or lung) size, it can be hard to inhale all the vapor in just one pull. Carb caps give dabbers the ability to control airflow, and prevent precious vapor from escaping into thin air. The caps also help to keep your dab rig cleaner, and get the most out of the dabbing cannabis session, by helping to dissolve all of your concentrate in the banger or nail completely. There’s a variety of materials and types, so it will take a learning curve to figure out which carb cap is right for your exact banger, nail and preferences.

Reclaim Catchers 

Want to help keep the inside of your cannabis dab bong or rig, cleaner from the start? Try using a reclaim catcher. Reclaim catchers are similar to silicone concentrate containers, and fit on the bottom of specific bangers. It works as a ‘catcher’ for the sticky resin that normally gets sucked into your rig structure. Even better? When you run out of concentrate, you can re-dab the reclaimed material. 

A reclaim catcher lets you recycle and reuse dabbing cannabis concentrates, post dab.

Tools to Keep It Clean

Post dab, you’ll notice the remnants of your premium concentrate make a sticky, ooey gooey mess. To keep your dab rig, and dabbing area or station as clean as can be, these accessories can help.  

Res caps are a great addition to your dab 101 routine, to help clean your rig after dabbing cannabis concentrates

Res Caps 

When it’s time to clean your dab rig, it’s hard to cover each end and still do a sufficient job. That’s how and why Res Caps, like the ones made by Resolution came to be. These silicone caps are used when adding a solution to your cannabis dab bong or rig, to clean the inside. They fit any size or opening, and let you shake vigorously to break-up stubborn and sticky resin. 

Dab Mats

Silicone dab mats are becoming quite popular, due to the mess that dabber tools, and concentrate stickiness can create. Dabbers simply place the mat under their rig to keep the sticky-icky better contained. 

Formula 710 Cleaner

Break down the scuzz with Formula 710 Dab Rig Cleaner. You could DIY it, but nothing works as quickly and effectively as Formula 710.

Glob Mops

Get into all the nooks and cranny’s when cleaning your dab rig with Glob Mops.

Dab Rigs 

New dabbers often ask – can any bong do dabs? The answer is yes, but you’ll need to make a few modifications to the bong for inhaling concentrate versus flower. For the most part, water bongs and dab rigs are the most expensive tools of the cannabis trade. Luckily, with a growing number of manufacturers – budget and mini dab rigs are now available to spread the love of dabbing cannabis to the masses. 

Budget: MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs, and regular sized rigs are the best bang for your buck overall. The dab rigs are perfectly manufactured for dabbing cannabis with ease, and are high quality in design, use and structure. They come in a range of different sizes for filtration, and bubbling purposes – depending on your dabbing preference, and all at a superb value. 

MJ Arsenal dab rigs are ideal for new dabbers who are learning how to take a proper dab

Electronic: PuffCo

If you don’t want to deal with a torch, you may enjoy the variety of e-nails from PuffCo.

Premium: Mothership Glass

Money burning a hole in your pocket? Like any purchasable good – there’s always a luxury category. Dabbing cannabis concentrates is no different.

Mothership Glass dab rigs are the cream of the crop. The individually made designs are a work of art, and elevate the overall style of each dab you take. While some are more affordable than others, the artisan made rigs can sell for thousands. Luckily the dab rigs are made with premium quality, sturdy bases, and unique filtration for enhanced hits.

Mothership Glass cannabis dab bongs are the most luxury rigs for dabbing cannabis concentrates

Level Up Your Dabbing Game with URSA

When you’re consuming the highest quality extracts from premium cannabis flower, like URSA Live Resin – it’s only proper to use the best equipment to maintain its caliber. So, if you’re treating yourself to the highly elevated experience of dabs – why not do it up! These tools, supplies and dab rigs will help take your dabbing habit to all new heights.

And, if you’ haven’t leveled up your dab set-up with top-shelf concentrates, what are you waiting for? Shop URSA Extracts or find a retail location near you, now.



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